The heart of the complex is the multifunctional auditorium that is big enough for 3,000 people and suitable for cultural, social or specialist events of all types. The complex also includes the modern media newsroom of the publishing house Economia which is located in the refurbished premises of a historical boiler manufactory once operated by Českomoravská Kolben & Daněk (ČKD) to supply modern steam boilers throughout the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Forum Karlín also includes an eight-storey office building that offers 9,500 square metres of office space, complete with large terraces providing splendid views of the surroundings.

Ricardo Bofill about Forum Karlín project

Good architecture is always based on understanding between the investor and the architect. I have been working all around the world, I have met numerous people and I know that this understanding is very precious. In case of Forum Karlín I had a great luck that I met with people who expressed their requirements but at the same time allowed me creative freedom.

The space at Forum Karlín is unique, absolutely exceptional and it was a pleasure for me to transform and convert it so that it could be used well by the Economia publishing house, by the tenants in the new offices and thanks to the multi-function hall also by the entire city of Prague.

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